2017 Exhibitors


Simon Humphreys
National Coordinator for the Computing at School Working Group
Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) (Confirmed)
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Simon is the National Coordinator for Computing At School, which roughly translates to steering the direction and ethos of CAS and managing the day-to-day activities of the CAS group.

Simon taught for 25 years before working for CAS, he ran several music departments before a hearing impairment forced a change in direction and he went back to university. Having graduated with a first-class degree, he taught A Level Computing at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge

With colleagues and friends from other schools, academia and industry he formed the Computing At School working group. He has overseen the development of CAS from a small group of 20 to an organisation of over 16,000 members. Simon oversees both the CAS Community and the Network of Excellence for the teaching of Computer Science.

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