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John Jackson
London Grid for Learning (Confirmed)
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John Jackson is the CEO of the London Grid for Learning having spent the previous ten years as IT Director for Camden Council.

Throughout his career John has been heavily involved in harnessing technology for schools and the education sector. He is passionate about the potential of digital technology to help children and schools be the best they can be. Over the course of this career he lead the implementation of the National Grid for Learning in Camden, supported Excellence in Cities and helped Brian Durrant, the former CEO of LGfL, build the London Grid for Learning in 2001. John has also spent time in central government advising on the development of national IT solutions to improve safeguarding arrangements for children as well procurement strategies to save money and deliver better solutions for the local government as a whole.

In 2016 Computing Magazine assessed John as one to the top 25 IT leaders in the UK and John lead the Camden transformation team that won the 2015 Digital City award.

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