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Learning for the SOLE

Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard, Senior Teacher from Marsham CE Primary School, has joined us to reveal the curiosity inspiring nature of a Self Organised Learning Environment before she speaks at Enhancing Education through Technology 2017…

What’s the most interesting fact that you’ve learnt from the children, that you didn’t know yourself?

What makes us human? We talked about curiosity making us human and the best quote was from a little girl who said “Every language in the world has a word for why?” Perfect for SOLE and all the awe and wonder it encourages! We humans are curious and that is what makes us so creative, innovative, unique and curious.

Even though online learning and knowledge building is made easily accessible online, do you worry that there may be some risk in this given the rise of fake news and easily editable content?

No I don’t actually because my class has decided that if they come across information which doesn’t seem ‘right’ they search again and see if it is backed up on the internet. They have taken a scientific approach to their SOLE learning. Also the discussion at the end ensures that anything unusual gets discussed. The children are brilliant at ensuring a SOLE leads to learning, and if we are unsure we need to check a fact and in turn, learn more.

How do you monitor the children’s safety online whilst also ensuring that they are given the freedom to find the answers themselves?

The children know to use certain search engines for facts and others for videos or images. We have a firewalls and filters within school to stop harmful information reaching the children. Most of all the biggest check is the group of children themselves, my class want to learn, they are great at policing each other and letting me know if someone is ‘off task’. The ethos of the SOLE is that screens are easily visible as I walk around the groups, SOLE is about being open with information.

And finally Sarah, if more schools embraced the SOLE approach – what do you think the future generation will be like?

The best way to sum this up is to quote a child “SOLE gives me a taste of what learning will be like in the future”.

By allowing them to learn through SOLE I am giving them a life skill and most importantly showing them how new learning is always a click away.

At Enhancing Education through Technology, Sarah will be revealing how she has successfully developed a truly 21st century classroom. Book now so that you can hear more from her and other education leaders.


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