Thursday 27th April 2017
  • Agenda
  • 08:45
    Registration, Exhibition and Networking Breakfast
  • 09:30
    Chair’s Welcome Address

    Katie Bell, Chief Commercial Officer, Middlesex University (CONFIRMED)

  • 09:40
    Morning Keynote: Adapting Marketing Requirements to the Changing Nature of HE Admissions
    • Examining the current trends in admissions across HE
    • Highlighting how UCAS uses a variety of marketing channels to support universities in the admissions process
    • Keeping students informed of their HE options through UCAS marketing campaigns
    • Prioritising student engagement and relationship management to set UCAS’ marketing strategy

    Andrew Hargreaves, Director of Customer Experience and Marketing, UCAS (CONFIRMED)

  • 10:00
    Special Keynote: Centring a Marketing Campaign Around Quality Assured Excellence
    • Delivering effective national and international marketing campaigns centred on quality in teaching, learning and overall student experience
    • Identifying quality in a highly competitive global sector, including how this impacts on marketing
    • Evaluating the future of QAA reviews and their implications for marketing professionals
    • Utilising the QAA quality assurance mark to demonstrate and market educational excellence to attract students at home and abroad
    • Outlining the Quality Code for Higher Education and how it can be applied to national and international marketing strategies

    Stephanie Stephenson, Head of Communications and Marketing, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) (CONFIRMED)

  • 10:20
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 10:40
    Refreshments and Networking
  • 11:00
    Case Study: Making Transformational Change in Marketing on a Local, National and Global Stage
    • Outlining how the University of Bradford revolutionised their approach to marketing through developing new structures, pricing, product development (through a full university wide portfolio review), and marketing/student recruitment channels
    • Understanding how integration of centralised marketing, communications, recruitment, international, admissions, alumni and development is having an impact locally, nationally and internationally
    • Detailing how they have brought ‘academics on the journey’ of centralisation
    • Developing a marketing strategy that the whole of the university ‘owns’, starting with their re-branding 3 years ago

    Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs, University of Bradford and Co–opted Board Member - Commercial Division, Leeds City College (CONFIRMED)

  • 11:30
    Case Study: Developing a Successful Marketing Strategy from the Beginning and Effectively Using Data
    • Exploring the work that was undertaken by the College to win two FE First Awards and be shortlisted for the TES FE Awards 2017, less than 2 years after the team had been formed
    • Discussing what techniques worked to pull back the reputation of the first double Ofsted Grade 4 college to re-establish itself in the community
    • Using a range of data techniques to gain influence for portfolio development and justifying marketing techniques
    • Establishing student journey touch points to understand funnel mathematics

    Sonia Furley, Head of Marketing and Communications, Lewisham Southwark College (CONFIRMED)

    (FE First Gold Award for Marketing Team of the Year 2016, FE First Silver Award for School Leavers Campaign 2016, TES FE Awards 2017 Finalist)

  • 11:50
    Case Study: Developing a Successful Marketing Recruitment Campaign for FE
    • Looking behind the scenes of a successful marketing recruitment campaign for FE
    • Addressing the marketing challenge and achieving cross-college support for your campaign
    • Using creative solutions to not only communicate the campaign message effectively, but also stand out from the crowd
    • Understanding how to bring your campaign to life and create a 'buzz' on a limited budget, both digitally and using simple ideas
    • Outlining how to show a return on investment from your own campaigns

    Ben Norman, Head of Marketing and Communications, Exeter College (CONFIRMED)

    (TES FE Awards 2017 - Marketing Campaign of the Year Finalist)

  • 12:10
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 12:30
    Lunch and Networking
  • 13:30
    Afternoon Keynote: Utilising Data to Develop More Strategic Marketing Plans
    • Harnessing data to create cutting edge marketing strategies in a highly competitive global market
    • Identifying and understanding trends in data to improve student recruitment and retention at the national and international level to ensure the right campaigns are deployed to the correct target markets
    • Utilising data tools to produce a data-rich source of intelligence to inform marketing campaigns and drive up national and international student recruitment numbers
    • Sharing best practice from HE institutions that have effectively used data to improve national and international marketing and recruitment

    Hannah Prosser, Head of Marketing and Communications, The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) (CONFIRMED)

  • 13:50
    Special Keynote: Future Opportunities and Challenges for FE Marketing
    • Anticipating changes to the FE sector and meeting future challenges through marketing
    • Analysing the implications of the Apprenticeships Levy and its impact on marketing to students and businesses, including how to adapt marketing campaigns accordingly
    • Working across the FE sector to identify and share marketing best-practice
    • Evaluating the current and future challenges of rapidly changing technology and digital platforms on the ability of marketing departments to successfully market to potential students, as well as increase retention

    Elvie-Jo Shergold, Member, College Marketing Network and Head of Commissioning, Marketing and Admissions, Barnet and Southgate College (CONFIRMED)

  • 14:10
    Case Study: Using a Digital Presence to Communicate National and International Marketing Campaigns
    • Identifying appropriate digital platforms and channels as marketing tools and how best to deploy them
    • Creating authentic and transparent messaging to reach and engage with international and domestic audiences
    • Using digital platforms to enhance the University’s profile e.g. the ‘Gravitational Waves’ campaign, which reached over 3 million people, was watched by 400K and received 11K Facebook likes
    • Allocating campaign resources appropriately: Should social media and other digital platforms be the budget-friendly component of a wider marketing campaign?
    • Using the University’s digital presence to communicate with potential students and improve recruitment at home and abroad

    Alan Monteith, Senior Recruitment Marketing Officer, University of Glasgow (CONFIRMED)

    Dan Marrable, Senior Social & Digital Media Officer, University of Glasgow (CONFIRMED)

  • 14:30
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 14:50
    Refreshments and Networking
  • 15:10
    Case Study: Delivering Award Winning Marketing Campaigns Through Online and Offline Channels
    • Examining Bournemouth University’s three-year journey culminating in its winning of the 2016 HEIST Award for ‘Marketing Team of the Year
    • Deploying an integrated communications approach: Using digital, print and face-to-face methods to achieve a year-on-year increase in student enrolment for 2014, 2015 and 2016
    • Putting the student voice at the heart of the university’s message in order to create personalised marketing campaigns and improve student conversion rate for enrolment
    • Maintaining consistency across branding, marketing and communications, both online and offline, to present and build an academic community.

    Ann Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bournemouth University (CONFIRMED)

  • 15:30
    Case Study: Designing and Launching a Website to use as a Channel to Broadcast to the World
    • Examining the University’s winning of the 2016 Heist ‘Best Website’ Award for the design and relaunch of its website, creating ‘an online space from which to broadcast to the world’
    • Designing a website that improves recruitment by guiding prospective students to study areas through highlighting subject commonalities and thematically grouping courses
    • Analysing the 300% year-on-year increase in page views achieved by the website’s increase in content, design improvements and greater web page accessibility
    • Exploring the creation of its mobile-friendly website, which succeeded in doubling mobile traffic and increased online viewing by 10%

    Kieron Broadhead, Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment, Goldsmiths University (CONFIRMED)

  • 15:50
    Questions and Answers Session
  • 16:10
    Chair’s Summary and Closing Remarks

    *programme subject to change

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